Ode to the Curacao Woman

Deya & Julien reveal

Pictures by CURWIZ – Thayreck Martina & Davina Felida | Location: Jan Sofat

WILLEMSTAD – It’s been over three weeks that I married the man of my dreams. I’m still on cloud nine and am grateful to have found a life partner that compliments my best qualities. My prayers were answered in a wonderful and specific way that still baffles me. That’s how great our God is.

The preparations were nerve racking, but we look back at the roller-coaster ride with gratitude.  During Weddings, like funerals, you get to know your real friends and family.  In the end, we had an unforgettable day filled with love and laughter, surrounded by our loved ones.

As we were preparing for our reveal, I sent my husband a cheeky gift, in case he needed a final incentive to walk down the aisle. We did a spicy photo shoot to capture all my gorgeousness and document how I’m entering this marriage and how much work that entails. I believe that women are like delicate flowers that need careful tending. Give your woman abundant love, affection and attention and she will always feel like sexiest woman alive. It’s not that we need constant adulation to have high self-esteem, however a woman that is and feels loved always radiates. And that’s what keeps us feeling young and sexy and ON POINT. I always say, “Tin hòmber tin dede di pispis, tur muhé ku nan a mishi ku n’e a marchitá”. Some men just don’t have green thumbs, every woman they ever touched eventually withered.

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Curaçao women are awesome and beautiful. Period. We are not too big, black, ghetto, loud, angry or need to be compared with others. We own our curves and tend to walk around like colorful peacocks. We are guilty of sometimes wanting to match even our hair color to our outfits.  We are hardworking and resourceful, raise our families and have held it down for generations. And we love our Krioyo men, who are good and responsible, compassionate, funny and seductively confident.

Some said, “finally’, when I announced our engagement, like finding a man is a life achievement, but believe me its’ not.  Our life goals should be to lead fulfilled lives that are permeated with joy and love, supported by an authentic sense of self, where hopefully we don’t lose ourselves in work, marriages or relationships.  Some women have an unbelievable ability to pick ‘project’ men and kiss so many frogs, in hopes one morphs into a prince one day. Ladies, its oke to put yourself first.  If the relationship is not working and you know you fought hard to make it work, let it go.


Finding true love was journey of self-exploration and waiting for God’s best. It didn’t happen overnight and it took a village of praying women who stood with me through this process. Everybody that knows me, knows that I never compromised or settled. I always knew what I wanted in a man a kept looking for it till I found it. I didn’t make excuses and was very good at letting people go. Not because they were bad, but because they weren’t what God had intended for me.

And I almost missed my blessing by dippin’ and doing – in my Wendy Williams voice – running around and trying to fill that void. When I finally stood still and listened, I saw him. He was standing in front of me for two whole years and I didn’t see him. We almost broke a Kardashian record with our relationship, because we didn’t beat around the bush. Instead we talked, traveled and prayed together and truly had a whirlwind romance.

So yes, true love is possible at any age and size. Embrace that you are a BBW of skinny as a ‘pal’i lele’ (a stick).

No, it’s never too late and noooo there is nothing wrong with you.

Be the best version of yourself, work on YOU first and be open to receive God’s best. Misery loves company, so beware of broken people. They attract each other and have dysfunctional relationships.

Enjoy the pictures, my husband sure did!

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Cover mamasita

Willemstad – DXBT, the latest musical group to cause a sensation among its fans, released its latest single ‘Mamasita’, an urban ode to the Caribbean beauty. The three singers and rappers Bjorne Bregita, age 14, Denzel Gregg, age 16, and Xechell Jacobs, age 19, collaborated on this track with the popular rapper and label mate Jaido. Here the boys croon about her elusiveness and beauty and wonder if they will ever be able to capture her heart. 

During their live performances, DXBT is supported by 17-year-old, DJ Jay Sync nee Darwin A. Gregg, who makes sure that everything runs smoothly. According to Denzel, Darwin Jr. as the DJ, is the heart of the group, “because if he messes up, the entire performance can be affected”.  DXBT was signed in 2016 by Decoded, helmed by Efrem Mambi and Greyan Pastor, because they were looking for talent that the youth could relate to. “We want to remind them that they are young and should focus on positivity”, Mambi adds.

DXBT - Insomnia

DXBT – Amnesia

Music is in their blood

All members of DXBT  have music running through their veins and descend from a few legendary musical greats. Xechell Jacobs is the son of legendary musician and founder of Magic Sound Xemio Jacobs. Bjorne Bregitta is the son of famed musician Cuco Bregitta and finally Denzel and Darwin Gregg are the sons of radio boss and entertainer Darwin Gregg. “We were exposed to music from the cradle, since our home was surrounded by it”, Darwin Jr. explains. “Our father is a perfectionist, and we definitely take after him”, Denzel adds. “If he thinks you sound off key, he will  stop you and tell you not to do it if you can’t do it right”, Darwin Jr. laughs.

Xechell was born in Bonaire, but moved to Curaçao at nine months old, also got expose to music early on. As a six year old, he was trusted on the national stage in 2006 with the remix of the popular ‘Chagaron’ song, featuring entertainer and dancer MuisjeMuis, which took him to Nickelodeon in the Netherlands for his first show.  Bjorne also acknowledges his father Cuco’s influence in the awakening of his musical passion. “I always asked him to let me sing because I loved it from a young age. We would always go to the matinee and the studio with him”, Bjorne recalls.

Pursuing their passions

DXBT started in 2016 in a recording studio where Efrem, Bjorne, Xechell and Denzel were chilling. “We working on a song called ‘Un chèns mi ke”. “We all write, however Xechell is the main writer of the group”, Denzel explains.

Efrem, Bjorne, Denzel

Bjorne Bregita, Efrem Mambi, Denzel Gregg


All DXBT members are committed to their passion for music and want to take it to the next level by creating as many hits as possible. Nevertheless, they all believe in having a solid educational foundation and are in the process of completing their high school equivalent diplomas. Xechell, being the oldest member, already completed his studies and after a short stint in the Netherlands last year, to study filmmaking at the Dutch Film Academy in Rotterdam, he quit and returned to Curaçao to fully focus on DXBT and his musical career.

Besides music, the boys are also talented athletes. Bjorne is also a gifted football player and Darwin and Denzel Gregg both play for the Sta. Maria Pirates, as a catcher and shortstop respectively, and secretly also dream about a career in professional baseball.

Darwin Gregg catcher

Catcher Darwin A. Gregg @ Facebook

According to manager Efrem Mambi, the future of DBXT is bright since they are a growing faithful fans base both locally and in the Netherlands and are producing songs in several languages. “We chose to sell our music only on digital platforms because that’s the future of the industry, however we do have limited hard copies available”, he explains. DBXT is about to release a few more singles this year and in the fall they will release a 5-track EP. According to Mambi, they will have a busy summer and also plan to do a school tour with DJ Krokzz, which they will announce the exact dates on their social media platforms.


‘Mamsita’ and other singles of DBXT  are available on all the known music sharing platforms like Google Play, Spotify and iTunes. Also subscribe to Decoded on YouTube.  

For Bookings or business Inquiries email: decodedofficial@gmail.com

This article originally appeared in the Go Weekly

Cover-week DXBT



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Clifton End ta honra baluartenan ku a impaktá su formashon musikal

Clifton training

Clifton End @Deya Mensche

WILLEMSTAD – Mester rekonosé e baluartenan ku a impaktá nos komunidat ku nan talento musikal ora nan ta na bida. Djabièrnè awó durante su konsierto, Clifton End no lo laga e oportunidat pasa pa honra e músiko i artistanan ku a kontribuí na su formashon. Di Harry Moen, dirigente di grupo Serenada, Claudius Philips ku su fushon di músika ‘soul’ i ritmo karibense, pa legendario Rei di Tumba, Anselmus ‘Boy’ Dap. Kada un tabatin un influensia riba Clifton, i a afirma ku fo’i un edat hóben, e tabatin un afinidat natural pa músika.

Claire i Harry moen

Harry i Claire Moen @Facebook Anthony Haile

Harry Moen – maestro di harmonisashon

Harry Moen konosé famia End pa hopi aña, paso Clifton i su ruman Adrian tabata haña les na kleuterschool serka su kasa, yùfrou Claire. Na edat di kuater aña, Harry a rekomendá Leendert, tata di Clifton, pa mandé les di músika serka Ramón Williams. “Semper m’a stima melodia, i mi por a toka kantika popular por oido”, Clifton ta kòrda. Harry tabata  impreshoná ku un mucha chikitu asina por a hasí esaki. Harry tabatin un kamber yen di instrumento na kas, i tin biaha nan tabatin mag di mishi ku nan. Komo dosente di músika na Peter Stuyvesant i Goslinga, hopi hóben a haña nan promé introdukshon na músika serka mener Moen.

harry toka

Harry Moen @Facebook

“Semper m’a keda fasiná ku Serenada su harmonia nan”, Clifton ta kompartí. Su kantika faborito di e grupo ta ‘Garoshi Palu Friu’. Segun Harry, e esensia di Serenada ta pa presenta i konmemorá músika kurasoleño tradishonal. Aktualmente, Serenada ta buskando un direktor general mas hóben, ya según Harry su propio atmishon, e ta birando grandi. Na 2015, Serenada a selebrá su 40 aniversario i a konmemorá esaki ku un dokumental. 

Claudius main

Claudius Philips @Facebook

Claudius Philips – pionero di Soul i músika karibense

E promé biaha ku Claudius Philips a tende di Clifton tabata durante añanan ’90. “Nan a bin bisa mi di un hóben ku ta kanta meskos ku mi. Ora m’a bai Kòrsou, mi a tende Clifton kanta ritmo kombiná ku un ‘vibe’ di R&B i esei a impreshoná mi”, Claudius ta kòrda. “Mi mes ta atmirá Clifton komo kantante, pues pa tend’e yama mi un baluarte ta un honor grandi”, Claudius a kompartí.

Clifton Claudius reinier

Clifton, Claudius & Reinier @Facebook

“Claudius ta un ‘trendsetter’ i hopi músiko, inkluso mi mes,  a tumá esaki komo ehèmpel. Ela kreá su propio ritmo”, Clifton a splika.  Claudius a lanta Oreo na aña 2001, pero e mes ta aktivo den músika fo’i aña ’80. “Mi ta bin fo’i e ambiente di misa, kual a duna mi un ‘soulful touch’ ku m’a purba introdusí den músika krioyo karibense”, Claudius a splika. Semper e kantante a purba kompositá kantika ku e públiko por identifiká ku n’e i ta apresiá di tende kon su músika a impaktá diferente generashon. E balada ‘Kuantu mi stima bo’ ta Clifton su kantika faborito, paso e ta stima kon Claudius a formula e palabra nan.

Anselmus boy Dap

Anselmus ‘Boy’ Dap credit: Skempi

Anselmus ‘Boy’ Dap – perfekshonismo di un leyenda

Komo hóben kantante militando den Gio, Clifton tabatin e oportunidat pa fungi komo korista pa e legendario Boy Dap, kende a gana Festival di Tumba dies biaha durante su ilustre karera di mas ku 30 aña. Respektivamente ‘Bashé’ na 1971, ‘Dal e Kos’ na 1973, ‘Mandé’ na 1974, ‘Sigui Awor’ na 1979, ‘Tur hende kompañ’é’ na 1981, ‘Un biaha más’ na 1983, ‘Despensa, e ta bini’ na 1985, ‘Waya pasa bai’ na 1989, ‘Emperador di tumba di Antia’ na 1989, ‘Bolt’é blachi’ na 1992 i finalmente ‘Klab’é’ na 1997. Según su yu hòmber Anralice, Boy nunka a haña su mes muchu bieu pa partisipá.

Anselmus boy dap waye

“Pero ora e kurpa no tabata duna más pa kaná den gran marcha, ela disidí di retira na aña ‘97”, ela splika. Según Clifton, Boy Dap no ta solamente un artista, pero tambe ta un leyenda. “E ta un artista hopi perfekshonista i ta bisa bo eksaktamente kon bo mester toka e kantika. Boy no ta duda pa bisa bo ku no t’asina e mester ta”, Clifton ta kòrda. Anralice ta konfirmá esei, “p’esei nos tabata hopi intimida pa sigui den su pasonan, paso e lata ta hopi haltu”. Asina mes Anralice i su ruman Oko a distinguí nan mes komo kompositor respeta di tumba.

Segun Anralice, Boy tin hopi apresio pa e kantantenan ‘oldschool’ manera Doble R, Mr. Saab, i defuntu Harry Zimmerman. Pero tambe Boy ta sigui esnan mas hóben manera Urvin Jano, Rubertico Balentien i naturalmente Clifton. “Boy ta apresiá ku un artista hóben di tanda manera Clifton ta konsideré komo un influensia musikal”, Anralice a konkluí.

Anselmus boy dap homenahe

Gregory Elias, Boy Dap, Chicu Capriles na ‘Ai no Chansa’ homenahe na Boy Dap Media credit: Farley Lourens

‘Clifton End & Friends: Pa Mi Pais’

Dia 27 di aprel próksimo, Clifton End lo tin un presentashon na Brakkeput Mei Mei titulá ‘Clifton End & Friends: Pa Mi Pais’ unda e lo kompartí tarima ku diferente kantante renombrá manera Tony Shearman, Jill Frans, Ephrem J, RayBass i Tahir. Karchinan pa ‘Clifton End & Friends’ ta na rason di 55 florin i ta disponibel na VV, Tik Tak, Bruna i Mensing’s Caminada. Pa mas informashon chéck e página di Facebook/BuzzBinProductions of mail na Media@buzzbinproductions.com


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IMPRESHONANTE TAYER HABRI DI ARTISTA WENDELL ELISABETH – “Semper sigui bo pashon i no laga nada stroba bo”



Wendell Elisabeth

Willemstad – E talentoso diseñadó i artista, Wendell Andrew Elisabeth, ta invitá pueblo di Kòrsou na su promé tayer habri dia 28 di aprel te 5 di mei próksimo. Durante e tayer, Wendell lo habri su kas i kurason i kompartí su inspirashon pa ku e trabou ku ela bin ta hasi e delaster 36 aña. E siman di tayer lo tumá lugá na su atelier,  ku ta den kurason di Punda unda e tin mas ku 25 aña ta biba. Di e manera akí, Wendell ta invitá pueblo di Kòrsou kordialmente pasa na Casa Keis i sera konosí.  

Wendell painting

“So below as above” by Wendell Elisabeth. “We are all babies embraced by the universe. “Life is one”

Wendell su pashon pa krea nunka a para ketu i apesar di tur opstákulo ela sigui ekspresá su mes artístikamente. Promé komo bailarin teatral i despues komo un diseñadó i kosedó di talle. Wendell por diseñá i kose tur kos, for di trahe di baño, pañanan kasual, trahe di gala, shimis di kasamentu, te ku esun di mas kompliká ku ta flus pa hende hòmber. Durante e siman, Wendell tambe lo duna informashon na tur ku ta interesá, tokante su trabou komo diseñadó i kosedó i asina un i tur por sera konosí ku su atelier más djaserka.

wendel working

Wendell Elisabeth @Facebook page

Aktualmente Wendell ta profilando su mes riba tereno di arte komo pintor. Despues di basta aña di profundisashon i praktiká, unda su pashon a sigui oumentá, ela disidí di tuma un kurashi i kompartí esaki den forma di un eksposishon di su kuadro nan.

E apertura ofisial ta dia 28 di aprel 2018, di 7 PM pa 9 PM den edifisio di Casa Keis i lo keda habrí tur dia te ku 5 di mei entre 10 AM i 6 PM. E edifisio di Casa Keis ta situá den Punda, na skina di de Ruyterkade i Hanchi Vi Coco.

Pa asistí e apertura por fabor mèldu serka Wendell na wendell@wendellelisabeth.com

Wendell painting 2

Wendell Elisabeth @Facebook page

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Clifton End ta interpretá e klásiko di Michael Jackson ‘Remember the Time’ na spañó.

Foto Buzzbin Team By QuinnKing

Potret di Tim Buzzbin saka pa Quinn King

WILLEMSTAD – Pa promé biaha, e klásiko ‘Remember the Time’ di Michael Jackson ta keda interpretá na spañó pa kantante Clifton End. E vershon titula ‘RECUERDOS DE AYER’ a keda produsí pa e tim talentoso di BUZZBIN Productions. E interpretashon na spañó ta pas perfektamente ku e stail nobo di Kizomba ku aktualmente ta hasiendo furor mundialmente i p’esei ‘RECUERDOS DE AYER’ a keda lansa komo partí di e proyekto KZB ‘Bailando Kizomba’.

remember the time. jpg

Michael Jackson riba e poster di ‘Remember The Time’

E kantika original a aparesé riba e albùm ‘Dangerous’ na 1991 i a keda skirbi pa Michael Jackson, Bernard Belle i Teddy Riley, i a keda produsí pa Michael Jackson i Teddy Riley. Universal, e kompania ku ta manehá publikashon di músika di Michael Jackson, normalmente no sa duna pèrmit pa otro artista interpreta un klásiko di e legendario artista, pues e echo ku Buzzbin a logra esaki ta remarkabel. Universal tabata asina impreshoná ku ‘RECUERDOS DE AYER’, ku den e kaso akí nan a hasí un eksepshon. “Ta un privilegio i oportunidat inkreibel pa por tradusí un obra maestro di un ídolo ku nos ta admira asina tantu”, propietario di BUZZBIN Productions Vincent Da Silva i kantante Clifton End a splika.

Michael Jackson, e asina yama Rei di Pop a fayesé na 2009, a gosa di un karera impreshonante ku a ekstende pa más di kuarenta aña. Ela lansa diesdos albùm, un álbum bibu, i setent’i shete kompilashon – ku tabata inkluí un of mas vershon di kantikanan bieu – i sesent’i ocho registro individual. Un otro diskografía ta mustra nobent’i dos kantika separa ku a aparesé den su álbumnan. Solamente dos otro kantika di Michael Jackson a keda ofisialmente lansa  na spañó, ‘I Just Can’t Stop Loving You’ (Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu), ‘What More Can I Give’ (Todo Para Ti) i awó ku ‘RECUERDOS DE AYER’ (Remember the Time) tin tres. ‘RECUERDOS DE AYER’ ta keda lansa komo single mundialmente dia 6 di aprel 2018.

HIGH Resolution

Clifton End – Potret saka pa DarrenFotografie

 ‘Clifton End & Friends: Pa Mi Pais’

Dia 27 di aprel próksimo, Clifton End ta na Kòrsou pa un presentashon na Brakkeput Mei Mei di su konsepto nobo, titulá ‘Clifton End & Friends: Pa Mi Pais’ unda e lo kompartí tarima ku diferente kantante renombrá manera Tony Shearman, Jill Frans, Ephrem J, RayBass i Tahir. Karchinan pa ‘Clifton End & Friends’ ta na rason di 55 florin i ta disponibel na VV, Tik Tak, Bruna i Mensing’s Caminada. Pa mas informashon chéck e página di Facebook/BuzzBinProductions of mail na Media@buzzbinproductions.com

clifton & friends banner


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Clifton End: un talento versátil i remarkabel

Low resolution sharpened

Clifton End

WILLEMSTAD – Dia 27 di aprel próksimo, Clifton End ta na Kòrsou pa presentá ‘Clifton End & Friends: Pa Mi Pais’ na Brakkeput Mei Mei. Akí Clifton lo duna homenahe na varios baluarte den nos komunidat, ku tabatin un impakto riba su desaroyo musikal i artístiko. Tambe lo presenta e anochi akí e legendario Tony Sherman, Jill Frans, Ephrem J, RayBass i Tahir.

Clifton younger

Clifton younger years @Clifton End Facebook

Un talento natural Ora ta papia di Clifton su ilustre karera, loke ta resalta ta su abilidat úniko pa interpreta diferente genero manera soul, balada, merengue, ritmo kombiná i kizomba. “Kada interpretashon ta keda komplementá pa su tremendo kolo di bos i harmonisashon perfekto”, Gibi Doran, kabesante di GIO ta splika. Clifton a kaptura atenshon di Gibi na televishon durante un presentashon ku e grupo di gospel acapela Génesis na añanan 90. E ko-inventor di ritmo kombiná, tabata asina impreshoná ku Clifton ku ela aserk’e i a pidi’e milita den su banda GIO. “Clifton tabatin apenas 18 aña, pues mi mester a papia ku su mayornan promé i primintí ku lo mi a kuid’e”, Gibi a kompartí. Asina Clifton a drenta GIO i a interpreta varios kantika klásiko manera ‘Tantu dushi bo ta’ i ‘Apesar’, kual ta un favorito personal di Gibi. “Clifton a agrega algu úniko na e sabor di GIO i ta te dia djawe un di mi kantantenan faborito”, Gibi a splika.

Gibi Doran 2

Gilbert ‘Gibi’ Doran – kabesante di GIO @Gilbert Doran Facebook


Ekspandé su horizonte

Na 2001, Clifton a bandoná Kòrsou pa sigui su soñonan musikal na Europa. Clifton a bai Spaña ku e kompania Romantic Espectáculos di e konosido Tolo Pomar ku tabata basa na Mallorca. Akí Clifton a interpretá e kantante James Brown pa seis luna i a kanta den un Earth Wind & Fire tribute. Tollo a puntra Clifton si e kièr uni ku Tony i su grupo ku tabata interpreta e hitnan di Motown na Tenerife i asina ela traha durante 2 aña i mei ku nan. “Mi a traha ku varios kantante den mi bida, pero tiki artista tin un tremendo aktitut di trabou manera Clifton. Nada no ta imposibel p’e”, mentor Tony Shearman a splika. “Tambe e ta un tremendo bailado i ta kapta un koreografia masha lihé”, Tony a splika. Clinton tabata e direktor musikal di e grupo pa varios aña. “Hende asta tabata kere ku e tabata mi yu, paso e tabata baila meskos ku mi”, Tony ta kòrda. Tony tabata un di e promé artistanan ku a haña residensia permanente na varios hotel i establesimentu nokturno na Gran Canaria i a traha einan kasi 12 aña. Tambe Tony, huntu ku su ruman Kenneth, tabata instrumental den lansamentu di karera internashonal di Clifton i tambe otro kantante kurasoleño manera Roxanne Rosario i Debbie Beaujon. “Ami a bandoná e grupo pa motibu di un disputa over di nos kontrakt i a wak un otro hende pa manehá e grupo. Despues di un temporada Clifton a opta pa bandoná Spaña pasobra semper e tabata ke más”, Tony a splika. Na 2005, Clifton muda pa London, unda ela traha ku e famoso kantante di Soul, Freddie Lee. Despues di e periodo akí, Clifton a regresa Hulanda unda ela drenta e popularísimo Cache Royale, ku indudablemente ta un dje bandanan kurasoleño más popular di e ultimo dékada.

Cache Royal Lineup@ Exotic Events

Clifton End & Friends
Durante ‘Clifton End & Friends: Pa Mi Pais’, Clifton lo hinka su hitnan faborito den un bachi moderno i ta kolaborá ku diferente artista ku a influensia su ilustre karera. Tony Shearman di su partí ta sumamente entusiasma pa por presenta den ‘Clifton End & Friends: Pa Mi Pais’ i ta primintí di los algun interpretashon memorabel. Gibi Doran tambe no por warda pa e dia yegá pa asina nos tur por gosa di un show di alta kalidat ku ta selebrá ekselensia musikal kurasoleño. “Ta importante pa duna homenahe na nos baluartenan ora nan ta huntu ku nos, pues mi ta invita un i tur pa ta presente”, Gibi a añadi.

Clifton & friends on stage NL

‘Clifton End & Friends na Hulanda @Clifton End Facebook

Karchinan pa ‘Clifton End & Friends: Pa Mi Pais’ ta na rason di 55 florin i ta disponibel na VV, Tik Tak, Bruna i Mensing’s Caminada. Pa mas informashon chéck e página di Facebook/BuzzBinProductions of mail na Media@buzzbinproductions.com
Wak ‘Mi PAIS’

clifton_end_mi_ pais

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Kas den Mondi ta dominá den su promé luna: Videoclip di Rich Kalashh ft. Monifa Jansen ta sexy i real

Rich Truk

Rich Kalashh

WILLEMSTAD – Rich Kalashh ta keda un artista urbano ku ta pusha tur límite. E ta bolbe hasí esaki den e mas resiente track, ‘Kas den Mondi’ unda modelo Monifa Jansen ta figura komo e ‘ride or die chick’. Presensia di Monifa Jansen ta asentuá e videoclip na mil i un manera. E diva yu di Kòrsou, ademas di tabata Miss Kòrsou na 2012, ta un di e modelonan lokal ku ta gosando di un fan base impreshonante di mas ku 602,000 siguidó riba Instagram.

Monifa Gun

Monifa Jansen @MonifaJansen Facebook

Rich Kalashh ta mantené su posishon komo un di e rappernan mas kontroversial i ku un ángulo real di ‘kaya’.  Palabranan kla i sin sensura, Rich Kalashh ta kanta e sintimentu di e ‘hustler’, e lucha di kaya pa sobrebibí, fo’i traishon di amigu te su amor pa e peiki. Loke ta distinguí Rich Kalashh for di sobra ta su nivel di kurashi i su persistensia ora di konta su historia ‘real’ sin pretenshon. Ela demostrá esaki resientemente atrobe den e track  ‘Ku Mi Dios’ ku aktualmente ta na 607,545 views riba YouTube den ménos ku seis siman.

Kas den mondi

‘Kas den Mondi’ ta e produkshon mas nobo pa Rich Kalashh bou di e seyo di Decoded. “Mi ke un kas den mondi, leu for di tur hende… “ parti di e letranan ku ta bira gráfiko unabes Monifa Jansen agregá su sensualidat.  E piesa, produsí pa Pastor, por keda pidi na tur radio emisora lokal, i den menos ku un luna a haña 263,756 views kaba riba YouTube.

Rich Car

Por sigui Rich Kalashh riba Instagram i Snapchat, ademas por stream ‘Kas den Mondi’ riba iTunes, Spotify, Google Play i Apple Music. Bo por mira e videoclipnan di Rich Kalashh i tur artista di Decoded riba e kanal di YouTube @decodedofficial òf solisitá e track na bo radio preferí.

Music Video: ‘Kas den Mondi’ 

Decoded small