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Devi Dev: the importance of family

Devi Dev 3

Devi Dev – Picture from his Facebook Page 

WILLEMSTAD – Another rapper from Curaçao that is also dominating the Dutch and Antillean urban scene is the talented lyrist Devi Dev. The Velvet Rope sat down with the rapper to discover how he celebrates his heritage through his music. At the root of his love for Curaçao is the importance of family, a reoccurring theme in his music. We also spoke with the legendary rapper MC Oye, a pioneer in the Dutch and Antillean urban music, and the talented DJ and video clip director, Selwyn de Wind, who shared their views about the recent developments in the genre.   

Born in Curaçao as Jurick Job, the 26-year old rapper moved to the Netherlands with his family as a an infant. He grew up in a busy and loving single parent household that consisted of his mother and aunt, two siblings and several cousins, yet had to overcome a difficult childhood. “I was a very naughty kid and gave my mother a lot of headaches”, he shared. In fact, the moniker Devi Dev comes from people calling him ‘little devil’, a label he truly disliked growing up, so it was shortened to Dev.  He attributes his behavioral issues to the absence of a father figure in his life, which culminated with a two-year stint at a boarding school at age 8, because his mom couldn’t handle him. “Karma is an interesting thing, now that I have a newborn baby girl”, he chuckled. Despite the rough start, Devi Dev never lost track of what truly matters, which is family. The doting father of three showed his softer side when he patiently tended to his kids who were vying for his attention during our interview. He’s committed to be present in his children’s life to make sure they grow up differently. He credits these experiences to the development of the truth talking and street smart persona of Devi Dev and wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Dev & baby Girl

Devi Dev with his daughter – Picture from his Facebook Page 

Rap as an escape

Devi Dev grew up with a crew of friends in Capelle aan de Ijssel, a city in the outskirts of Rotterdam with a large Antillean community. “We’d rap on the streets and play in a brass band”, he shared. Dev wasn’t very interested in school and soon dropped out of the VMBO. His no nonsense mother Sharella, was at times very strict and didn’t allow the teenager to hang around the house doing nothing, so he moved out on his own at the age of 18. Devi Dev always knew he could rap, however he never had the courage to record. “I had a few friends that were serious about rap and I would go home and secretly practice”, he explained. “Some of them laughed at me, but that pushed me to become better. I first recorded a diss track at the age of 16”, he shared. To this day Dev is part of the Talk Riders crew, and in addition to the label, they also launched an urban clothing line called ‘The Riders Family’.

Devi Dev 1

Devi Dev – Picture from his Facebook Page 

The impact of the ‘Panda remix’ and ‘Na Bida Mi Ta’ did take Devi Dev a bit by surprise. “I released Panda in April of this year after I came into the studio one evening and laid that track in one take”, the rapper explained. Producer and video clip director 2MG came to Capelle to record the clip and in two days they released the song. He noticed that the songs were a hit when his phone began to ring off the hook for bookings in the Netherlands. According to Selwyn de Wind, this shows the power of the internet how the technology has advanced. “Through the internet, Curacao became more popular in the Netherlands. Now more people know about the islands and the Curacao artist has become more proud to identify as such”, the video clip producer explained. Many see Dev as a ‘street intellectual’, and is, by his own admission, a perfectionist. “Devi Dev is lyrically very proficient and the way he plays with words is amazing” de Wind added. “Everything I rap about, are based on my personal experiences or things I’ve observed”, Dev shared. “I’m just a dude from Rotterdam and here everybody knows and supports me. My fan base has grown a lot in Curaçao and the experience is different and I like that allot” he explained.

 Na bida mi ta

Devi Dev clip ‘Na Bida Mi Ta’ – Picture from his Facebook Page

Re- discovering Curaçao

Although Devi Dev grew up in a home that always spoke positively about Curaçao and where they spoke Papiamentu freely, Dev would return to Curaçao at the age of 8. “I remember everything. I got off the plane and I could hear my family scream my name”, he remembered with a smile.  It would be another seventeen years before Devi Dev returns to his birth island for a slew of performances. “I took way too long to return, since I feel so relaxed and stress free in Curaçao. The first thing I do when I arrive on the island is to visit my aunt Nana that always spoils me”, Dev shared. Dev does have a message for his people with his music. “I don’t do it for the fame, but I do have something meaningful to communicate. If I rap them in Dutch that might get me in trouble with some people”, he continued. MC Oye sure agrees with the messages of the up-and-coming artist. The MC encourages the crop of new rappers to always remain faithful to who they are. “In the end, everybody decides what they want to sing, however I’m urging all to remain as positive as possible. Be aware what kind of influence you have on the youth, even when you are rapping about real life experiences, you can do that in a positive manner” he finalized.

For the upcoming months, Devi Dev is working on various exciting projects, like a few singles, and he also has a few performances booked in Spain, Aruba and dushi Curaçao.






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BLVCKHAZE: Music is the language of love


BLVCKHAZE – Meghan Plaate – Thijn and Andrew Plaate – Photo credit Deya Mensche

WILLEMSTAD – Lately there has been an influx of urban talent of Curaçao origin, currently enjoying immense popularity among the Dutch and Antillean youths. The modern Dutch artist is becoming a multilingual hybrid that transcends all racial and traditional boundaries by celebrating its ethnic roots with its music. The BLVCKHAZE duo is a good example. The Velvet Rope shared their music with the renowned DJ and video clip director Selwyn Wind, and discussed the recent developments in the genre and his views about the type of music that is currently being produced.


Selwyn de Wind – Photo credit Deya Mensche

The Velvet Rope spoke with the duo Meghan Plaate – Thijn and Andrew Plaate, both 21 years old, at the Cas Abou beach to tap into the beautiful surroundings and gain a better understanding how Curaçao influences their art. They both were born and raised in Curacao, but at the age of 18, they moved to the Netherlands to continue their studies. Meghan went to study Law and Andrew pursued Technical Physics, yet after a few challenging academic years, they both dropped out and turned to music as a creative outlet.

Shortly, BLVCKHAZE was born and they quickly entered the studio with the famous Aruban singer and composer Jeon, who serves as a mentor for the duo, to collaborate on several projects and produce some amazing songs.”If you had to describe our sound,” says Andrew, who produces all the music, “then its music that makes you dance with House, Reggaeton and Afro House influences.” Meghan adds, “We also like to mix genres. We have always had great admiration for Jeon, but when we started to work with him, he has made us much more critical to our music”.

Jonathan Thiel - JEON

Artist and Composer JEON – Photo credit Facebook

Creating ‘Issue’

With the single ‘Issue‘, BLVCKHAZE started to get lots of attention from the local radio stations, and the song was featured in the local top 40 charts in Curacao and Suriname. “With the song we wanted to depict the emotions one can feel when a relationship ends. If your partner doesn’t treat you right, you can say, ‘Let’s cut it out, dude’, “says Meghan. As soon as Andrew made the beat, he knew it was a hit. They also filmed the clip in Italy and then Andrew edited the final product. DJ and video clip director Selwyn Wind was especially impressed by the first production of the duo. “BLVCKHAZE has a unique sound and has lots of commercial appeal, and I love how they combined Dutch and Papiamento. They are talented and the clip has a good vibe, which they need to continue to cultivate”, the DJ continued.

Issue cover by Nathan Wu

‘Issue’ cover design by Nathan Wu

In addition to their musical partnership, Meghan and Andrew got married in August 2015. Six years ago, Meghan started to put her covers of Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and Chris Brown on YouTube and Facebook, on which Andrew responded, and the rest is history. In August 2014 they were on holiday in Curacao and Andrew was already making plans to ask Meghan’s hand in marriage. He chose the Cas Abou, because it is their favorite beach to swim. “I took her scuba diving during the proposal,” Andrew remembers. “Man, I was gasping for air when I saw that he wrote ‘Marry Me’ on an underwater plate,” Meghan remembered with a smile.

Wedding Meghan & Andrew

Meghan Plaate – Thijn and Andrew Plaate – Photo credit Facebook

Future projects

BLVCKHAZE just returned from Aruba, where they recorded two clips with Jeon and Ritmo Real, and are also working on a song with Area 51. “Maybe we can release an album next year, but we have to continue to grow our fan base first”, Andrew explained.


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‘RIBA UN TRIP’ with Muisjemuis!


Remses ‘Muisjemuis’ Rafaela – photo credit: Bob Karman

WILLEMSTAD – Remses Rafaela, better known as the artist ‘MuisjeMuis’, has come long ways from his Video Zoo and Kombinashon Moderno days. The talented dancer and entertainer is ready to pursue another passion – Music. Recently, he’s been signed to the Zurich Musiq imprint and launched his first album titled ‘RIBA UN TRIP’. Guided by the talented producers Nillion and Soundflow, the masterminds behind some of the most popular Dutch Hip Hop acts like Broederliefde, SBMG, Jonna Fraser and Keizer, he also launched the much anticipated video clip of the remix ‘PRATEN VEEL’ featuring label mate Mozes.


Remses ‘Muisjemuis’ Rafaela & son Joah Rafaela – photo credit: Bob Karman

With this album, MuisjeMuis joins the ranks of the new breed of Dutch Antillean artists that are leaving their mark on the Dutch and Caribbean music scenes. These multicultural hybrids are redefining the Dutch urban landscape and are ready to conquer the world with their seductive multilingual sounds and mesmerizing swag. In 2005, MuisjeMuis moved to the Netherlands and became part of the popular dance group ‘GROOVEKINGS’, now called ‘La Familia’. Along with this crew and also as a solo dancer, he is enjoying an illustrious career, where he has danced in the shows of amongst other, Jandino Asporaat, Isabelle Beernaert, ISH, Roy Julen — the prinsipal choreographer of SYTYCD — ‘BATTLE FOR FIESTA’, Maaspodium and the Philharmonic Orchestra.

Muis Cover Dance

In 2015, he also starred in the dance production ‘Under My Skin’, which landed him on the cover of renowned DANS MAGAZINE. At the beginning of the year, he was nominated in the top 5 of the best dancers in the Netherlands, with nominees from the Dutch National Ballet, Scapino Ballet and Conny Jansen. MuisjeMuis also recently collaborated with Kenneth Asporaat and Theater Scapino, where dance and spoken word are combined during an impressive performance with Symphonic Orchestra Rotterdam.


Remses ‘Muisjemuis’ Rafaela – photo credit: Bob Karman

Yet around six years ago, music started to reel Muisjemuis in and brought him into the studio of Nillion, initially to record a few tracks. At first, MuisjeMuis was reluctant about releasing any music, yet Nillion encouraged him to continue to hone his skills. Over the years, the musical relationship between Nillion and Muisjemuis evolved into a lasting friendship. “He’s a hard worker, and over the past few years has grown allot as a musician”, Nillion shared.

On August 5th, his spanking new video ‘PRATEN VEEL’ will be launched on YouTube, and features Mozes and a crew of dancers. The defiant song calls out people who talk about you behind your back, but when you enter the room, everybody goes silent. The song is already generating a lot of buzz, where a few hilarious Snapchat memes have been produced by fans who also want to call out the naysayers.

Cast Dance

On the set of ‘Praten veel’

MuisjeMuis’ first official album titled ‘RIBA UN TRIP’ is available at iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.


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ZURICH MUSIQ: taking over Dutch Hip Hop


Zurich Musiq: Nillion Davilo and Soundflow

WILLEMSTAD – The latest crop of Dutch – Antillean Hip Hop artist is emerging with an unapologetic gumption that is redefining the Dutch and Curaçao music scenes. A multicultural hybrid of seductive Afro Caribbean flavors combined with a gritty European ghetto punch is taking urban music to the next level. Creating a name as one of the hottest producers in the game, Zurich Musiq are behind some of the most popular Dutch Hip Hop acts like Broederliefde, Jonna Fraser, and Keizer.

Zurich Musiq

Zurich Musiq signing with Top Notch

And the big bosses are taking notice. In May, Zurich Musiq signed a distribution and production deal with famed Dutch Hip Hop label Top Notch. Zurich Musiq consists of the talented duo Nillion Davilo née Nilomar Francisca and Soundflow née Milangelo ‘Junior’ Martina, the masterminds behind the megahit Alaka, which was recently named Song of the Year by the FunX Awards.

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 Tapping into their Curaçao Roots

The boys of Zurich Musiq have maintained strong ties with Curaçao and were recently on the island for a writing session a few local artists. “There are many talented artists from Curaçao that have come to our attention. “The boys of Area 51, Mason, Chaika, and of course Muisje Muis are extremely talented”, Nillion explained. Their love of music was most definitely shaped by their Curaçao roots. Soundflow was born in Rotterdam, however lived in Curaçao briefly at the age of 8.  “I don’t come from a musical family, but they would always listen to Come Back and Gospel music”, he shared. Nillion was also born in Rotterdam and never lived in Curaçao either, however he did grow with a strong Krioyo identity. “My mother sang in church and my father played in a band, and later on, I inherited some of his instruments”, Nillion shared.

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Creating Zurich Musiq

The boys grew up, together with their manager Jalal Mouloudi, in the same Hoogvliet neighborhood and have known each other for more than a decade. Back then, Nillion was working in a studio and knew Soundflow, who was attending music school, through his brother. “Nillion was already making beats and I wanted to learn. It started in his room and he taught me on Fruity Loops”, Soundflow explained. After graduating from the VMBO, Soundflow decided to study music, but didn’t finish the four year program. “I am glad that I had this formation. The knowledge I acquired during that period, I’m still able to apply to this day”, Soundflow shared. Growing up, they’d listen to a lot of rap and R&B music, which definitely influenced the type of music that they currently make. They both admire producers like Dr. Dre, Timbaland, 40, Just Blaze and Scott Storch, and dreamt of making their hobby into a profession. “We are producers that can actually play an instrument”, Nillion assured. Their collaboration also happens rather organically and is never forced. “You do need two open minded people that are willing to work together. If somebody is too sensitive about his work, then that process becomes a bit difficult”, manager Jalal Mouloudi chimed in. They describe their process as creatively playing with music and sound.  “We feed off each other and don’t wait until the other comes up with something”, Soundflow explained. “We go with the vibe, it’s more like a jam session”, Nillion added. The result speaks for itself, where Zurich Music have produced gems like ‘Zeg Me’ and ‘Narcos’ by Broederliefde, ‘Hard Work Pays Off‘ by SBMG, ‘Do or Die’ by Jonna Fraser. 

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Taking it to the next level

They have noticed some significant changes in the urban and hip hop scenes in the Netherlands, however after a after a long pause, the gentlemen emphasized that there is still a long road ahead. “We are noticing that Hip Hop is more appreciated by the mainstream”, Soundflow explained. “Hip Hop is nowadays getting airplay on stations like Radio 538 and others, because they also noticed that Hip Hop can’t be ignored or avoided”, he added. The producers also love diversity and want to create their own sound and declared to be over popular trends like Trap music. “We don’t focus on the money or follow trends”, Nillion explained. “If you broaden your scope to Pop and R&B, than you reach a larger audience and get more airplay”, Nillion shared. In the near future, Zurich Musiq also hopes to release their own mix tape, which will feature many amazing artists. With the Top Notch partnership, Zurich Musiq’s larger vision is to continue to cultivate talents like Moses, singer Hennen and entertainer Remses ‘Muisje Muis’ Rafaela.



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Proyekto piloto di kastrashon i sterilisashon boluntario den diferente bario di Kòrsou


Gregory Berry i su tim di Stichting Dierenbescherming Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD – Dia 29 di mei próksimo, plataforma kontra abusu di animal SADA, huntu ku Stichting Dierenbescherming Curaçao, ta inisiá e proyekto piloto di kastrashon i sterilisashon boluntario den diferente bario di Kòrsou. Diferente organisashonnan ku ta traha pa derechonan di bestia a uni forsa pa realisá e proyekto importante akí. E ophetivo ta pa redusí e poblashon di kachó di kaya riba nos isla, unda ta purba di sterilisá mas tantu kachó posibel.  

Según Gregory Berry, presidente di Stichting Dierenbescherming Curaçao, mester ripití e kampaña akí sigur kuater biaha pa aña pa esaki duna resultado duradero. Tambe Stichting Dierenbescherming Curaçao ta apelá na pueblo di Kòrsou pa sostené e kampaña akí finansieramente, paso kada operashon ta kosta un promedio di 100 florin pa kachó. “Si nos tur kontribuí, maske ta ku un montante chikí, nos por yuda un gran kantidat di kachó”, Berry a splika.

Pa falta fondo, e fundashon di 65 aña pa basta tempu a enfrenta problema finansiero. Despues ku e bestür anterior a baha, Berry i su tim a tuma e batuta over na mart 2015. “Nos a hasí un esfuerso pa rekoudá mas fondo i invertí den inisiativanan ku ta tene e fundashon na bida”, ela splika. “Esaki a duna fruta i pa promé biaha den shete aña, nos a sera aña sin perdida”. E fundashon a organisá un konsierto, un kaminata pa bestia i a aserka diferente negoshinan grandi pa bira ‘Goodwill Partner’ dor di kumpra akshon.



Varios Puppy ku ta wardando un kas nobo

E gastu mas grandi ta e operashon di e asilo, unda ta yuda e animalnan ku ta kaná los riba kaya. Alabes tin gastunan mara na e partí edukativo, unda ta realisá varios kampañanan di konsientisashon. “Si bo no eduká, e asilo ta keda yena ku bestia i esaki ta kreá un sírkulo visioso. Aktualmente nos tin kasi 96 animal”, Berry a kontinuá.

Tambe Berry ke pone un inspektor di keho nobo, pa kontrolá e bestianan ku a ser adopta. “Nos mester tin mas mihó kontrol riba e hendenan, i si nan ta kuida e animal ku nan a adopta”. Según Berry, e problema di más grandi di nos komunidat ta e manera ku hende ta mira un bestia. “Si tin desaroyo den e mentalidat, unda awó hopi hende ta tuma un bestia komo kompaño i paso genuinamente gusta bestia”, ela splika.


Resientemente, e fundashon a hasí un konteo di bestia general, unda aworakí e ta hinkando tur informashon den un database, kual e fundashon ta spera di presenta pronto. Durante di e konteo, a partí Kòrsou den zona, unda por a determina kuantu kachó di kaya tin relashoná na e respektivo barionan. Tambe a inventarisá e sekso di e kachónan i si nan ta sterilisá of no.

Na juni 2015, Berry a bishitá minister Whiteman, pa splik’e e importansia di e asilo i kon gobièrnu por sostené su aktividatnan. Whiteman a aparta 100 mil florin di gobièrnu pa e fundashon, i na desèmber Berry a komprondé di e sekretario general ku e sèn ta na kaminda. “Ainda nos a haña e sèn riba nos kuenta, pero nos ta keda positivo”, Berry a añadi. Lamentablemente e kontribushon gubernamental akí no ta algu struktural, i sin esaki, e fundashon no por plania i implementa un strategia efektivo.

“Nos a traha un konsepto di lei pa introdusí un pèrmit di kachó, unda e bestia mester ta sterilisá i bakuna, i mester tin un chip di identifikashon pa asina regula e populashon di bestia”, Berry a konkluí.


Si bo ke kontribuí na e proyekto di sterilisashon, bo por transferí e sèn riba e siguiente kuenta nan di banko di Stichting Dierenbescherming Curaçao:

  • MCB 28449007
  • RBC 8000000012411848
  • Giro 114 493
  • ING Leeuwarden NL33INGB0004270530

Pa más informashon, bishitá nan página web na www.dierenbeschermingcuracao.com


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The second edition of the ‘I AM A B*TCH’ conference will raise the roof!

Bitch acronymThe second edition of the noteworthy ‘I AM A B*TCH’ conference will take place on April 7th, 2016 at the Luna Blou theater. The first edition took place in October 2015, and jump started a healthy dialogue, where several interesting and relevant topics were discussed with the audience.

I'm a bitch poster

‘I AM A B*TCH’ I: Moderator Ydellienne Heerenveen, Ericka Lindeborg Miki Eustachia, Dj Lu-C, and Jadira Bislick. Not in the picture: Anaiz Visser

During the first women’s empowerment conference, with 120 participants, a panel of five well-known women, consisting of Anaiz Visser, Miki Eustachia, Ericka Lindeborg, Jadira Bislick and Ydellienne Heerenveen, shared without any reservations, their trajectory to success. Many questioned on social media why the organization chose to use this particular acronym, which stand for Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Charming and Hot. The emphasis of the conference is to educate women on how to overcome negative experiences and situations, while channeling them into successes without depending on anyone.

How Men Think

 During the upcoming encounter, a panel of five men will get the opportunity to share their opinions on topics like the relationship between men and women, infidelity, what the ideal woman looks like and what they think about the usage of the terminology B*TCH in society.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Every panelist has their own personal experience and knowledge when dealing with women and will share their perspectives openly. The panel will consist of singer Amos ‘Amoroso’ Balentin, DJ RO-1, football player Kenny Kunst, entrepreneur Röen Trinidad and MC Monti, and the discussion will be moderated by Ydellienne Heerenveen. The audience will also get ample opportunities to ask questions and exchange opinions with the panel.

I AM A B*TCH’ 2 will take place on Thursday, April 7th, 2016, from 6:30 to 9:30 PM at the Luna Blou theater. Admission is 35, – guilders and a limited amount of tickets will be available at the door, so call +5999-5189295 for reservations.

The women’s empowerment conference of the year will be epic, so don’t miss it!


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From Hieroglyphics to the White House: Surayya Barbee pays it forward with the Kids League


Surayya Barbee Credits – Photographer GVI Films – Hair: Pink Blush Hair – Hair Stylist: Aisha Maundy – Make Up: Tiffany Garlick

When describing this true New York dynamite with a take-no-prisoners attitude, Surayya Barbee is the embodiment of determination and sheer perseverance.  The founder of The Kids League gets her resolve from her mother Roxanne Jones, who is legally blind due to Macular Degeneration and is her inspiration for resilience. “My mom is an amazing woman that defied society’s expectations attributed to her disability. She went to college to get her Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master Degree in Social Work”, she shared. It’s safe to say that Surayya and her four siblings grew up in a household in the Bronx where no excuses were afforded and were always surrounded by strong role models. She’s always had strong ties with Harlem, due to her grandma Olive Jones, who in her own right was a visionary and entrepreneurial woman.

What makes Surayya’s story so remarkable is although she grew up in the inner-city of New York, where black kids were often disenfranchised due to a broken school system that was preparing a generation for the school-to-prison-pipeline. The Barbee children were purposely kept out that environment. Grandma Jones especially believed in the value of good education and helped Surayya’s mom send the kids to private school. She also exposed her grandchildren to architects of black culture like Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan and Dr. Leonard Jeffries, where they studied ancient Egyptian culture and hieroglyphics.

Surayya grew up in an era where black consciousness was the most prevalent, surrounded by the Black Power moment and the Nation of Islam. However her parents and grandmother were not the only influential mentors in her life. At Castle Hill Community Center then known as Pathways for Youth, where they attended an afterschool program, Surayya befriended the director of programming and lifelong mentor Salaam Jaha. “She exposed me to a lot of events and social functions and gave me my footing about what was going on outside our community.  Jaha helped me grow spiritually and understand who I was as a leader and that set me apart”, she continued.

The mother of a teenage daughter was able to juggle motherhood and her ambitions and has owned several businesses from the age of 19. She admits she gets her entrepreneurial spirit from both sides of the family. “I never conformed to what my environment groomed my generation to be and always wanted to be my own boss, and because of that, I was able to positively channel my ideas and go out and create my own path”, she shared.

The positive experiences at the Castle Hill Community Center had such an impact on Surayya’s journey that she always felt the urge to pay it forward by guiding and empowering today’s inner-city kids into excellence and success. Specifically, she wants to bridge the gap in her community with education, social and emotional development. With the Kids League, which was founded in 2014, she intended to recreate a movement of people supporting students from underserved communities in New York.  Currently the Kids League has over 100 kids enrolled and are piloting the program in three schools.

The participating kids are middle and high schoolers that attend workshops and field trips, where they are exposed to exciting experiences. Specifically, they learn about music, fashion, sports, health and wellness, in addition to a S.T.E.A.M. program (science, technology, engineering, arts and math). “At the Kids League we apply the Connective Learning methods, which I believe is the answer to our broken school system, because it allows the students to engage instead of forced recital of the taught material. The system is failing our students miserably and funding is cut left and right to low preforming schools”, she lamented. “In April 2015, we took 25 kids to the White House, which was our first outing”, Surayya added. “We also have a community partnership with the Harlem Hospital and Touro Medical School, who accommodate our art and science programs”, she continued.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

According to Surayya, there is a big social responsibility component for the entire community to share. “With the Kids League, we are saving lives so they have a desire to be great, while developing tangible skills and tools to become successful in life”, she explained. She wants to get people involved as volunteers, financial patrons, or support with products and services. “If we don’t teach our kids to be excellent, we are setting them up for failure. We need to stop complaining about what we don’t have and make the changes for ourselves”, she finalized boldly.

Check out The Kids League website for more information.