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Viva la Diva is ready to dominate the International DJ Scene!

A true diva tries to achieve what she wants in life with style and class and won’t let people get in her way. Viva la Diva nee Anouska van Smaalen is a true embodiment of unwavering persistence and has been making her name in the competitive and male dominated European DJ industry.  When she’s on […]

Gio & Keizer conquer Curacao

Gio & Keizer conquer Curacao

For the last few weeks Curaҫao has been blazing due to a series of energetic performances by the Dutch R&B crooner Gio, who was brought to our island by Lekker Lekker Productions. We were in for a seductive treat, as he belting out tunes like ‘ Van mij’ and ‘Bonny & Clyde’, which was covered […]

Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival 2011

During spectacular Curaçao North Sea Festival held last September, the Velvet Rope had the opportunity to rub shoulders with various artists and performers in attendance. They graciously shared their experiences of Curaçao, what in their opinion makes music universal, how music has impacted the generations and eventually their own lives. The festival was sold out on both nights […]