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Ode to the Curacao Woman

Ode to the Curacao Woman

Curaçao women are awesome and beautiful. Period. We are not too big, black, ghetto, loud, angry or need to be compared with others. We own our curves and tend to walk around like colorful peacocks. We are guilty of sometimes wanting to match even our hair color to our outfits.  We are hardworking and resourceful, raise our families and have held it down for generations. And we love our Krioyo men, who are good and responsible, compassionate, funny and seductively confident.

Some said, “finally’, when I announced our engagement, like finding a man is a life achievement, but believe me its’ not.  Our life goals should be to lead fulfilled lives that are permeated with joy and love, supported by an authentic sense of self, where hopefully we don’t lose ourselves in work, marriages or relationships.