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DJ FAB: The Connection with the audience is essential

DJ FAB Promo

WILLEMSTAD – DJ FaB, who hails from Curaçao, is a rising star in the urban scene of the Netherlands and is ready to leave his mark one performance at the time. If there is a party or festival where the Antillean community meets up, you can rest assure that DJ FaB will be there to ‘turn up’ with the most popular Afro House hits. He’s currently on Curaçao for a club tour at various popular hotpots, and the Velvet Rope caught up with him at Bikini’s, his favorite hangout, to learn more about some exciting developments. We also spoke to the popular MC Don T, who shared his views about the Curaçao and Dutch club scenes and where DJ FaB fits into it all.  

The 29-year-old DJ was born as Fabian Cominencia in the Kwartje district. After completing the Advanced Technical School or the MTS, in Curaçao, he moved to the Netherlands to study Applied Computer Science. Initially, he took a break from his studies to advance his musical career, however he plans to finish his degree in November. Five years ago, he decided to take the DJ craft more serious. “It started spontaneously, since I was always in charge of the music during the parties that my friends organized”, he explains. He decided to purchase some simple DJ equipment and started playing. “Initially I thought that my equipment was not good and I sold everything to buy new and more expensive ones. But I soon noticed that my lacking skills were the culprit, so I had to practice a lot to get better at it”, he shares with a smile. Although he’s used to stand in front of a crowd and entertain, DJ FaB has a friendly disposition, yet some would be surprised to find out that he can be rather shy. “I love to stand behind the turntables, but I admit that I’m not a very sociable guy and rather chill backstage or on the stage”, he shares.


DJ FaB – picture credit @ Deya Mensche

The art of Mixing

According Cominencia, a good DJ should have the ability to sense its audience. “You can’t just randomly start to play what you like. Additionally, perfecting the mixing technique is also very important”, he explains. He admitted that there are DJs that are damaging the name of the profession, due to the fact that they don’t perform live and prepare ahead a mix to play at the party or festival. David Guetta for instance, was criticized for not doing a live set during the opening of the Rio Olympics. “I understand why he would want to do that during such a large live event, where many things can go wrong”, Cominencia explains. “However I do everything live, so from song selection to every scratch you hear, I do that on the spot”, he emphasizes. DJ FaB has a unique concept of mix tapes called ‘Fabulouz mix tapes’ and will launch version 7 in November. “Currently, some friends and I are working on an album under the name FAB” Cominencia adds.

FAB on stage

DJ FaB performing – picture from his Facebook Page

MC Don T, also known as Viendri Eleonora, is a popular MC at various urban festivals and parties in Curacao and the Netherlands. He sees a big difference between the urban festivals in the Netherlands and those in Curaçao, however feels that the development of the genre and the atmosphere are the same. “The Curaçao audience is more demanding and must acclimate first, before they begin to enjoy the party,” he says. Here, the role of the MC is essential to help the DJ create a good atmosphere.


MC Don T – picture credit @ Deya Mensche

According to MC Don T, DJ FaB’s appeal is growing steadily, especially with the Antillean diaspora, because the DJ often works with the popular Cache band. He acknowledges that the Netherlands is legendary in cultivating DJs who excel internationally, especially in the House genre, however he emphasizes that the urban genre does not remain behind. “Unfortunately in the Netherlands, there is a ‘factor of worthiness’ that is prevalent, so not many get an opportunity to be included. The urban DJs are a close nit clique and either they, or a promoter, need to give you an opportunity”, MC Don T continues.  He feels that slowly but surely, DJ FaB is going in the right direction, since he’s booking major festivals like CrazySexyCool in Rotterdam.

Lloret del Mar Urban Tour

In October, DJ FaB and a group of urban Antillean acts will do a club tour at the popular Spanish tourist resort of Lloret del Mar. “We are going for the second time and this time around, we will be prepared to do more shows”, the DJ explains. As we have become accustomed from him, DJ FaB will return to Curaçao in December, to indulge the audience to good music and an awesome atmosphere.

FAB Cutout inverted


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