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BLVCKHAZE: Music is the language of love


BLVCKHAZE – Meghan Plaate – Thijn and Andrew Plaate – Photo credit Deya Mensche

WILLEMSTAD – Lately there has been an influx of urban talent of Curaçao origin, currently enjoying immense popularity among the Dutch and Antillean youths. The modern Dutch artist is becoming a multilingual hybrid that transcends all racial and traditional boundaries by celebrating its ethnic roots with its music. The BLVCKHAZE duo is a good example. The Velvet Rope shared their music with the renowned DJ and video clip director Selwyn Wind, and discussed the recent developments in the genre and his views about the type of music that is currently being produced.


Selwyn de Wind – Photo credit Deya Mensche

The Velvet Rope spoke with the duo Meghan Plaate – Thijn and Andrew Plaate, both 21 years old, at the Cas Abou beach to tap into the beautiful surroundings and gain a better understanding how Curaçao influences their art. They both were born and raised in Curacao, but at the age of 18, they moved to the Netherlands to continue their studies. Meghan went to study Law and Andrew pursued Technical Physics, yet after a few challenging academic years, they both dropped out and turned to music as a creative outlet.

Shortly, BLVCKHAZE was born and they quickly entered the studio with the famous Aruban singer and composer Jeon, who serves as a mentor for the duo, to collaborate on several projects and produce some amazing songs.”If you had to describe our sound,” says Andrew, who produces all the music, “then its music that makes you dance with House, Reggaeton and Afro House influences.” Meghan adds, “We also like to mix genres. We have always had great admiration for Jeon, but when we started to work with him, he has made us much more critical to our music”.

Jonathan Thiel - JEON

Artist and Composer JEON – Photo credit Facebook

Creating ‘Issue’

With the single ‘Issue‘, BLVCKHAZE started to get lots of attention from the local radio stations, and the song was featured in the local top 40 charts in Curacao and Suriname. “With the song we wanted to depict the emotions one can feel when a relationship ends. If your partner doesn’t treat you right, you can say, ‘Let’s cut it out, dude’, “says Meghan. As soon as Andrew made the beat, he knew it was a hit. They also filmed the clip in Italy and then Andrew edited the final product. DJ and video clip director Selwyn Wind was especially impressed by the first production of the duo. “BLVCKHAZE has a unique sound and has lots of commercial appeal, and I love how they combined Dutch and Papiamento. They are talented and the clip has a good vibe, which they need to continue to cultivate”, the DJ continued.

Issue cover by Nathan Wu

‘Issue’ cover design by Nathan Wu

In addition to their musical partnership, Meghan and Andrew got married in August 2015. Six years ago, Meghan started to put her covers of Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and Chris Brown on YouTube and Facebook, on which Andrew responded, and the rest is history. In August 2014 they were on holiday in Curacao and Andrew was already making plans to ask Meghan’s hand in marriage. He chose the Cas Abou, because it is their favorite beach to swim. “I took her scuba diving during the proposal,” Andrew remembers. “Man, I was gasping for air when I saw that he wrote ‘Marry Me’ on an underwater plate,” Meghan remembered with a smile.

Wedding Meghan & Andrew

Meghan Plaate – Thijn and Andrew Plaate – Photo credit Facebook

Future projects

BLVCKHAZE just returned from Aruba, where they recorded two clips with Jeon and Ritmo Real, and are also working on a song with Area 51. “Maybe we can release an album next year, but we have to continue to grow our fan base first”, Andrew explained.



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