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‘RIBA UN TRIP’ with Muisjemuis!


Remses ‘Muisjemuis’ Rafaela – photo credit: Bob Karman

WILLEMSTAD – Remses Rafaela, better known as the artist ‘MuisjeMuis’, has come long ways from his Video Zoo and Kombinashon Moderno days. The talented dancer and entertainer is ready to pursue another passion – Music. Recently, he’s been signed to the Zurich Musiq imprint and launched his first album titled ‘RIBA UN TRIP’. Guided by the talented producers Nillion and Soundflow, the masterminds behind some of the most popular Dutch Hip Hop acts like Broederliefde, SBMG, Jonna Fraser and Keizer, he also launched the much anticipated video clip of the remix ‘PRATEN VEEL’ featuring label mate Mozes.


Remses ‘Muisjemuis’ Rafaela & son Joah Rafaela – photo credit: Bob Karman

With this album, MuisjeMuis joins the ranks of the new breed of Dutch Antillean artists that are leaving their mark on the Dutch and Caribbean music scenes. These multicultural hybrids are redefining the Dutch urban landscape and are ready to conquer the world with their seductive multilingual sounds and mesmerizing swag. In 2005, MuisjeMuis moved to the Netherlands and became part of the popular dance group ‘GROOVEKINGS’, now called ‘La Familia’. Along with this crew and also as a solo dancer, he is enjoying an illustrious career, where he has danced in the shows of amongst other, Jandino Asporaat, Isabelle Beernaert, ISH, Roy Julen — the prinsipal choreographer of SYTYCD — ‘BATTLE FOR FIESTA’, Maaspodium and the Philharmonic Orchestra.

Muis Cover Dance

In 2015, he also starred in the dance production ‘Under My Skin’, which landed him on the cover of renowned DANS MAGAZINE. At the beginning of the year, he was nominated in the top 5 of the best dancers in the Netherlands, with nominees from the Dutch National Ballet, Scapino Ballet and Conny Jansen. MuisjeMuis also recently collaborated with Kenneth Asporaat and Theater Scapino, where dance and spoken word are combined during an impressive performance with Symphonic Orchestra Rotterdam.


Remses ‘Muisjemuis’ Rafaela – photo credit: Bob Karman

Yet around six years ago, music started to reel Muisjemuis in and brought him into the studio of Nillion, initially to record a few tracks. At first, MuisjeMuis was reluctant about releasing any music, yet Nillion encouraged him to continue to hone his skills. Over the years, the musical relationship between Nillion and Muisjemuis evolved into a lasting friendship. “He’s a hard worker, and over the past few years has grown allot as a musician”, Nillion shared.

On August 5th, his spanking new video ‘PRATEN VEEL’ will be launched on YouTube, and features Mozes and a crew of dancers. The defiant song calls out people who talk about you behind your back, but when you enter the room, everybody goes silent. The song is already generating a lot of buzz, where a few hilarious Snapchat memes have been produced by fans who also want to call out the naysayers.

Cast Dance

On the set of ‘Praten veel’

MuisjeMuis’ first official album titled ‘RIBA UN TRIP’ is available at iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.



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