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Opportunity Finance joins CuraDoet and another ‘Un Focus Diferente’ seminar.

Roen Mason Eldrion

Roen Trinidad, Mason, Eldrion Regina Credit: Deya Mensche



Roën Trinidad, and his dynamic team at Opportunity Finance, can look back with pride to an eventful few weeks that focused on giving back to the community. Recently, the retroactive payment company and a team of volunteers participated in third edition of CuraDoet. Next, Roën Trinidad joined forces with motivational speaker Eldrion Regina to organize another inspirational seminar ‘Un Focus Diferente’, this time geared to middle and high school students.

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Every year in Curaçao, CuraDoet organizes a day for companies and their respective teams, to engage in corporate volunteerism. Roën Trinidad, the director of Opportunity Finance and retired Dutch army veteran, was compelled to participate during this year’s undertaking and put together a team of volunteers that wanted revamp the Kermit Daycare. Worth mentioning, the twenty people that joined forces to repaint the entire building are faithful followers of Opportunity Finance on social media. “We couldn’t have pulled this off without the support of sponsors like Zus of Plasa, who provided the catering and Royalty Car Rental for their financial contribution”, Trinidad explained.

Un Focus Diferente – A Different Focus

During the seminar, Trinidad and Regina shared their life philosophies to approximately 4000 teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18 years old. By sharing their challenging experiences, Trinidad and Regina hoped to make the audience aware that the choices they make today will have consequences that can even impact future generations.

Upcoming developments

Shortly, Trinidad and Regina hope to visit Aruba and Bonaire to bring their inspirational message to our neighboring islands. During this tour, Trinidad will also pitch the Opportunity Finance concept to their respective Central Banks, in hopes to secure licenses and broaden its scope of services.

In April, Trinidad will also speak at a woman empowerment conference in Curaçao, where he will talk about securing financial independence in the 21st century, while illustrating how Opportunity Finance can contribute to this important achievement.

Un Focus Diferente‘ Facebook page

Opportunity Finance website

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