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DJ Alex Sargo is turnin’ it up!


Since made his meteoric ascend unto the Caribbean music scene, the world is steadily taking notice of DJ Alex Sargo. Curacao’s diverse culture creates a unique and eclectic character, which is expressed through many Caribbean flavors, colors and sounds that influenced the up-and-coming DJ. Known for his energetic performance and creative musical genius, Alex Sargo feeds off the energy from the audience, which he admits, can be extremely addictive.

Born as Aleandro Sargo Ribeiro on February 14th, 1996, Alex Sargo has music in his DNA. The Curaçao-born DJ comes from a musical family, consisting of singers and piano players. His fascination with music started around the age of twelve, which increased exponentially when his father helped him purchase his first DJ set. “It was a beat down secondhand system I wanted to purchase from a friend”, he recalls with a smile.

After acquiring his first sound system, Alex locked himself in his bedroom and started practicing for hours on end. “I saw Vato Gonzalez perform in Curaçao and I was so impressed by the Dutch DJ that I decided to take DJing more seriously”.  At age fourteen, he started to perform on various major stages, both locally and internationally. Alex Sargo subsequently built his own home studio to continue honing his skills and started to produce his own music. Initially he played a variety of genres, but eventually gravitated to Dance, EDM and Deep House. Alex Sargo is fortunate that despite his young age, local promoters like Boom Entertainment and Amnesia, gave him a shot to perform during their shows. In 2013, his notoriety grew exponentially as he became the first and youngest resident DJ of the popular monthly EDM party called Full Moon at Kokomo Beach.

The highlight of his career, thus far, has been his performance at the famed Tomorrow World Festival held in Atlanta, USA. With various collaborations lining up, like the production with DJ Steve Andreas from Aruba, Alex Sargo has big dreams for the future. He hopes to continue to share his music with the world and is so passionate about DJing and making music that he vows to pursue it to his last breath. Ultimately, for Alex Sargo, it’s a way of expression.


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